Hi, My Name is Steph

I am a Relationship Mentor and I teach the practice of unconditional self-love through self-observation and self-reflection, owning our feelings and communicating consciously.  Through these practices, we can build a solid self-loving foundation upon which we can develop loving and respectful relationships.  I provide single sessions and multi-week programmes for businesses/communities and individuals, in person or online with people around the world.

I am passionate about sharing what I have learned, practice and teach in my ‘Amazing Me Amazing You’ podcasts and on my Instagram page @amazingmeamazingyou.

I live in the beautiful south coast of Ireland.



Relationship Wellbeing Newsletter #3

Oct 20, 2020
Welcome to this week’s Relationship Wellbeing newsletter. I hope you are keeping well. This week I invite you to continue your SELF-OBSERVATION practice, paying particular attention to when you might like to create a BOUNDARY for yourself. I found ...

Relationship Wellbeing Newsletter #2

Oct 12, 2020
Welcome to this week’s Relationship Wellbeing newsletter. Continuing with our SELF-OBSERVATION practice, this week we are going to practice paying attention to two specific words … SHOULD & SHOULDN’T … and observe how often we think or sa...

Relationship Wellbeing – Newsletter 1

Oct 5, 2020
I am so excited to post my newsletter (28th September 2020) on my Blog. I share on Monday morning by newsletter the self-love/self-care practice I am focusing on for the coming week plus the themes & insights from my various weekly workshops. As ...
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014 – Conversation with Louise

Louise George is Steph’s guest in this podcast. Louise speaks openly and honestly of the journey that has brought her to where she is today, including some of her early experiences of anorexia and bulimia and her later experience of hyper-ventilation syndrome. Steph and Louise speak about, how from a young age, we often learn to wear masks and hide our ‘uncomfortable’ feelings and yet there is a huge need to shine a light on how we’re feeling without blaming or shaming ourselves. Louise also speaks about the powerful role of the Vagus Nerve, in helping us feel calmer.

013 – Conversation with Emily

In this conversation, Steph speaks with the wonderfully talented Emily Nayhree Dawson, an Irish original art & fashion designer. Emily shares her extraordinary story from growing up in inner city Dublin, painting on the walls of her mobile home in the Dublin mountains, living in abandoned buildings, to becoming a celebrated fashion designer featuring in New York fashion week, and having 10 shows in America in the last couple of years. This is an incredible story of creativity, resilience and overcoming adversity. This is Emily’s story.

012 – Conversation with Lucy

In this podcast Steph and Lucy share some of the incredibly challenging and also life-changing lessons they learned and continue to practice, on their journey to living more consciously, following the Relationship Studies programme they both completed in UCC.  They are both parents of 4 children and they share how the challenges of parenting continue to change as their children grow up and how choosing to parent with trust instead of fear is an ongoing practice.  They speak about the self-care practices they have in their own lives, including journalling, self-observation and paying attention to their breath as well as trusting how their body is feeling. 

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Friday morning Yoga Classes (in Studio and on Zoom)

Group Yoga Class -1 hour & 15 minute group classes, booking essential €15 in studio or Zoom €10 Every Friday 9.15am to 10.30am at the Douglas Yoga Centre Maryborough Woods During our group yoga practice, I will guide you in a flow of beautifully nourishing yoga moves, in harmony with our breath. A gorgeous hour […]

  • Sep 18
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Six-week Group Programme ‘Relationship Wellbeing’

Six-week Group Programme ‘Relationship Wellbeing’ – Developing a more loving relationship with myself and others – 6 x 2-hour group workshops (over 6 weeks) €360 During this Programme of 6 x 2-hour weekly workshops (next commencing September 2020), we will dive deep into the relationship you have with yourself & others, including: • how you […]

  • Sep 18
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Amazing Me Amazing YouSelf-Care Series Online - Coming Soon

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The focus of this online programme will be exploring how we can create & maintain a loving relationship with ourselves & others, with practical exercises, group discussion & sharing of experiences.

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