Post by : Steph O'Flynn | Post on : June 25, 2021 at 4:08 pm

Amazing Me Amazing You
Amazing Me Amazing You
014 - Conversation with Louise

Louise George is Steph’s guest in this podcast. Louise is a yoga teacher, counsellor and founder of ‘Douglas Yoga Centre’, ‘Yoga Connected’ and ‘Counselling Connected’. Louise speaks openly and honestly of the journey that has brought her to where she is today, including some of her early experiences of anorexia (“denying my needs”) and bulimia (“trying to fill my endless needs”) and her later experience of hyper-ventilation syndrome which she believes was “stuck grief”.

Steph and Louise speak about, how from a young age, we often learn to wear masks and hide our ‘uncomfortable’ feelings and yet there is a huge need to shine a light on how we’re feeling without blaming or shaming ourselves.

Louise also speaks about the powerful role of the Vagus Nerve, in helping us feel calmer and shares with Steph how we can stimulate our Vagus Nerve, through simple everyday practices.

Louise’s passion for her work and her vast wealth of knowledge are inspiring and heart-lifting.