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Amazing Me Amazing You
Amazing Me Amazing You
006 - Boundaries

In this podcast Steph speaks about boundaries, what they are, who they are for, when might we use them and how do we create and maintain them.  She also shares her own checklist for creating boundaries .  Steph describes her journey from not knowing what having a boundary felt like to her ongoing learning and practice around creating and maintaining healthy, loving, clear and firm boundaries. Steph discovered she had to unlearn many previously unquestioned beliefs around meeting others’ needs ahead of her own and she also realised how often she put what someone else thought of her ahead of what felt right for her.

Steph shares how boundaries are for every single one of us and they are a part of every day living in all our relationships.  Boundaries are always 100% for ourselves, a loving action for ourselves and never against someone else.  Boundaries are one of the most powerful practices of self-care and self-love we can have in our lives.  Boundaries champion our needs and safeguard our relationship with ourselves as we are meeting our own needs and being our own best friend.  The magic of creating boundaries is that as we begin to listen to what feels right for ourselves and take full responsibility for meeting our needs,  our relationship with ourselves becomes more loving and trusting and we become less dependent on what others think of us.

“When I create a boundary, I am championing my own needs and stepping into my own power. I am showing up for myself, being my own best friend.  Boundaries are self-love in action.”