Post by : Steph O'Flynn | Post on : March 1, 2020 at 7:57 pm

Amazing Me Amazing You
Amazing Me Amazing You
003 - All Feelings Make Sense

In this podcast on Feelings, Steph explores how all our feelings make sense and that there is wisdom behind every one of them, especially those uncomfortable feelings that we often wish to ignore, dismiss or dilute.  Steph describes her original fear of feeling anger and the liberating revelation that anger and aggression are different.  She also shares her own experience of exploring a strong reaction she had to an everyday request.  She describes how she uncovered the wisdom and insight of this feeling, which helped her address a past dismissed event.

Your feelings are deserving of being listened to and understood without modifying or dismissing or masking them.  They are your guide, your intuition and your wisdom.  Listen for the powerful messages they are communicating.